How will I know if my animal needs chiropractic care?

Though your animal may not being displaying outward signs of pain, many if not all animals (and people!) can benefit from chiropractic adjustments.  Just through daily activities our bodies can begin to accumulate restrictions that can decrease the ability of the nervous system to function optimally.  For horses, being ridden can cause these restrictions to happen even more frequently. Certainly any specific signs of back pain or other lameness would indicate your animal could benefit from an adjustment. 

How often should my animal be adjusted?

In general, horses require adjustments about every three months unless we are dealing with a specific problem that requires more frequent attention.  Small animals don’t hold their adjustments quite as well as horses, so we recommend cats and dogs be adjusted about every other month.

Do you ONLY work with horses or will you also adjust my other animals?

My primary focus is with horses but I also frequently work with dogs and cats and I welcome the different challenges and rewards they present.

How far will you travel to perform an adjustment on my animal?

I don’t have a specific radius that I work in, and I accept clients on a case by case basis based on my current workload.  In general, if you are further away it would be easier for me to see other horses in your area at the same time, so call up your friends and coordinate!  If you coordinate a group of 3 or more horses YOUR call charge will be waived.

HOW much do you charge for a consultation?

Each situation and animal has different requirements, so pricing can vary widely depending on the nature of the work needed, distance traveled, etc. Please contact me for specific pricing for your animal's needs.

Do you still have questions? Please don't hesitate to give me a call or email me to talk further.